Build React apps with some flair

Collections of ready-to-use, accessible React components.



Flair components are built with accessibility in mind. All components are written to be accessible, leveraging some popular third-party libraries like Reach UI and Headless UI.


Under the hood, Flair is powered by goober, a 1 KB CSS-in-JS library with easy-to-use APIs.

Dark mode

Who doesn't love some dark mode?

SSR ready

Flair is compatible with server-rendering. It works well with static rendering framework like Next.js.

Should you use this?

Absolutely! (not)

Flair was initially written as a personal practice. It is an attempt to learn more about design, UX and accessibility sides of the web. The existing components works, but it is by no means, complete. Some components that are quite commonly used such as Input, CheckBox, RadioButton, etc. are not implemented yet.

With that being said though, you are free to use this on non-critical projects. Feel free to open issues on the GitHub repository to report bugs or request new components!